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Veterinary Logo Design

Need a logo for your new practice or you would like to rebrand? We specialize in that.

Our designers are experts in branding practices. Under the artistic direction of our leadership team, you will actually have fun with the logo development process. We will throw tons of different concepts at you. For example, see this logo round one sheet:


VMF provides three rounds of logos in their basic package. The packages are priced based off of the type of logo. Pictorial marks, such as the ones above, are included with our basic logo plan at $500.
The files provided will be sufficient for TV, Signage, Billboards, Websites, Print, and any other media because they are vector logos that can scale seamlessly at any DPI or size of printing.

The Process:

1. You are given a logo questionnaire which analyzes the message you want to convey. You are given a slider for feminine vs. masculine, modern vs. traditional, and twenty other connotations that you want to convey through your brand.

2. An initial run of designs are presented to you (see the picture above)

3. You rank the logos and give recommendations. We go ahead and provide variations

4. You pick the top five and we do a second round of variations. We provide you logo sheets for you and your team to weigh-in on.

5. The final logo and variations are chosen and you receive all of the files and the worldwide exclusive license to use it as you see fit.