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How VMF Helped a Vet Use Call Tracking to Boost Conversions (Plus Two More Strategies To Help You Track Your Marketing Efforts)

The key to increasing conversions and leading a more effective marketing campaign for your vet practice is in tracking your efforts.

Running a vet practice is a challenging endeavor. Without the right advertising strategy, your leads are likely to stay just as they are – leads. You won’t be able to achieve your main advertising goal, which is to boost conversions. 

Here’s an example of a vet practice owner who managed to convert their leads into paying clients with the help of a simple strategy called call tracking. 

This vet received numerous phone calls at their practice, but something seemed off. Despite all the phone conversations, they never saw the conversions they expected. 

Finally, the vet decided to turn to professionals. 

The Vet Marketing Firm’s call tracking software allowed the vet to listen to the phone conversations their front desk staff had with potential clients. After connecting the dots, they coached their team to be more effective at handling calls. 

The result?  An increase in conversions, revenue growth, and better-spent advertising money that now dropped to under $15 per lead. 

This story shows that by tracking your results, your marketing efforts can make a difference for your vet practice. 

To help you make the most out of your marketing campaign, this article lists three strategies to tracking results, which will ultimately boost ROI and conversions. 

Strategy #1 – Call Tracking

Receiving calls is a great sales opportunity. In fact, studies show that you have up to a ten times higher chance of making a sale than with any other type of interaction. 

So, when you hear that phone ring, you know your marketing campaign has been going well. And once you pick up the phone, you naturally want to ask the customer, “How did you hear about us?” 

But that’s not all you have to say to them. 

To get valuable data, you need to ask the potential clients plenty of other questions. What exact keywords did they use on Google? Did they click on any inbound links? And if so, which one? What is their geographic area? Did they read some reviews?

Let’s be honest. Asking all these questions isn’t the best way to spend your lead’s precious time. Instead, you’ll want to offer your services and learn about their pet. 

But if that’s the case, how can you find the answers you need?

The answer: signing up for a call tracking software. 

With call tracking software, there’s no need for you to ask your leads thousands of questions – the feedback you need comes from other sources. 

The call tracking service lets you assign specific phone numbers to your different advertising efforts. It then makes it easier for you to know which specific outreach effort led to the conversion. 

Strategy #2 – Google Analytics

There’s no better web traffic tracking tool than Google Analytics. 

The fact is that driving traffic to your website is a great way to increase sales, and this tool can help you see if you’ve achieved just that. And when your traffic grows, it means your marketing efforts are paying off. 

But what can you really do with Google Analytics?

For starters, you can track the number of visitors your website had on a particular day. This lets you compare that data to traffic you used to have before kickstarting your marketing efforts.  

But it gets even better than that.    

Google Analytics also lets you filter the sources that don’t drive traffic to your website. 

All too often, vet practice owners spend too much effort on aspects of marketing campaigns that bring little to no traffic. With the help of Google Analytics, you can discover where to invest more energy and where to let go.

Strategy #3 – Keyword Tracking

Keyword tracking allows you to see how well you rank in terms of the keywords you are targeting. With that information, you’ll know how to adjust your content marketing and reach more people. 

You can use tools such as Brightlocal, Raven Tools, and SEO Book to create reports on the keywords you target. The software lets you track local rankings by geographic area, see how you rank compared to the competition, or track your target keyword performance day by day. 

Keyword tracking is an indicator your marketing efforts are going well. Knowing what words people search for, how often they end up on your website after the search, and what terms they don’t search for can all be very useful. 

But just how important are the keywords?


Studies show that moving a single spot in organic search can increase the click-through rate by almost 31%. This means you can increase your website traffic by a third by simply adjusting your keywords.

And as you know, it’s essential to stay ahead of the competition to boost your sales. And keyword tracking tools allow you to see how your competitors rank for the exact keywords as you. 

Tracking keywords also helps you monitor how your competitors’ websites are doing. For example, a vet from your area might perform far better than you in searches that include the keywords you also target.  This information gives you a chance to investigate what it is they are doing differently. 

Make the Most Out of Your Marketing Efforts

Advertising is essential in running a modern-day business, and vet practice is no different. But to make the most out of your marketing efforts, you need to track them. By doing so, you can determine whether they are successful, or they could use tweaking.

There are many ways for you to keep track of your marketing.

Call tracking can help you see which channels lead the potential customers to you and which aren’t worth the effort. Google Analytics provides insights into how your web traffic is doing and what you can do to improve it. Finally, keyword tracking is essential if you want to make it to the top of the search results page.

When combined, these tracking tools give your vet practice an upper hand compared to competitors. They are also the most effective way to boost conversions and increase ROI. 

If you need complimentary consultation on the best way to boost your marketing efforts for your vet practice,  contact us at (727) 334-0961.  One of our experts will be happy to assist you.

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