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Should Veterinarians Use Tik Tok?

As a veterinary practice, you know it’s important for pet owners to keep bringing their pets back for wellness checkups in addition to feeling comfortable making a visit when something is wrong with their pet. You may already have a solid client base with return pet owners but that doesn’t mean there aren’t new audiences you can reach every day! TikTok is a fairly new social media platform that mixes the short responses of Twitter with the photos of Instagram and the pithy fun of Snapchat. Still with us? Whether you’ve heard of any of these social media platforms or not, TikTok is easy to use and can add a lot of fun to your veterinary advertising endeavors while still bringing new pet owners into your practice. 

What Is TikTok?

Users on this platform post photos, memes, and videos that are fifteen seconds or less. Users often spend a good hour scrolling quickly through posts displaying content curated specifically for them. If you use this platform, you’ll be posting content that is lighthearted, wholesome, and shows your brand prominently, but shortly. 

How do I use TikTok for Veterinary Marketing?

Many large companies are now using the TikTok app in their social media marketing arsenal. Whether it’s TikTok memes or a TikTok song, the company is able to cater their content directly to their customers favorite topics. The TikTok algorithm puts these posts in the feeds of people that show interest in your content and content like yours. 

  • Look up similar content. As a vet, you have the advantage of animals being cute and cuddly and a lot of people wanting to care for them. 
  • Find ways to engage with your clients. Pet owners may have questions and concerns about their furry (and feathered, scaly, hairless) friends and you can use TikTok to address that. Create a question video that engages viewers by asking a question. Their answers then inform your future social media marketing!
  • Ask your employees and colleagues for help. TikTok songs can make your practice famous. Your fellow veterinarians might want to collaborate and get their practices noticed as well. If you have collaborated with colleagues before, see if they’d be willing to help you create some content that engages viewers in a great call to action. 

Dos and Don’ts of Using TikTok 

Before you know it, you and your employees will be making TikTok memes and other content that engages viewers and reaches new clients. A few tips on vet social media marketing etiquette when advertising on TikTok:

  • Keep your content wholesome. While you may find that there is some less than wholesome content on TikTok in general, including your business in making similar content is not the way to reach new audiences. If you keep things wholesome, you’ll be able to reach more viewers.
  • Pick a few specific hashtags for your business. Loading your posts with hashtags is not going to win you any points and it could even hurt your chances for your content being seen regularly on viewers’ feeds. 
  • Have fun! TikTok can be an invaluable advertising tool but if your content isn’t engaging and fun it won’t be something that viewers want to see. Show your clients that you can dance and lip-sync like everyone else!

The best way to use TikTok is to sign up and start posting content! Contact us today for help in developing your content and more tips and tricks for using the platform.

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