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In order to understand organic SEO you need to first understand the anatomy of a search engine results page (SERP). The results at the top and sides are the paid ads that VMF also does for clients. The coveted spot is the organic results above the 7-pack. And, the 7-pack is called that because it usually has 7 results. These are the local businesses with their website, address, phone number, and online brand reputation reviews. Local search marketing involves impacting the organic and 7-pack results. Ranking organically has a lot to do with PageRank and PageRank has to do a lot with link building.

veterinary search engine optimization

Veterinary Search Engine OptimizationIf you go to Bing or Google and search for the keywords “click here”, the number one or two result is Adobe Reader. The reason for this is that millions of websites refer users to Adobe’s site to download Adobe Reader to open a PDF. You will likely recognize the following phrase: “If you are having trouble viewing this document, click here to download Adobe Reader.” In this example, so many webmasters think that this particular page is relevant for the keywords “click here”, that Adobe has managed to rank well even though the text “click here” doesn’t even appear on Adobe’s page. It is no surprise that some SEO experts estimate that 75% of a website’s rankings are attributed to inbound links.

In the Adobe example, the words “click here” are referred to as the “anchor text” of the link. When you build links on the web, you want to ask for a link with anchor text that will help people find you on the web.

How Link Building Works for Veterinarians

Link Building

A link with the anchor text that is simply the website URL is less beneficial because it does not provide search engines the information they need to determine what your website is all about.  For example, the link ““ does not help VMF rank for any search term keyword phrase but the link “Veterinary Advertising” linking to VMF’s website does help VMF rank for “Veterinary Marketing.” VMF not only leverages their own web properties and directories to build links to practice websites, but they actually seek out linking opportunities actively through charity fundraising press releases and by creating a newsworthy buzz that encourages local publishers to link to your site with favorable anchor text.

Veterinary SEO ProcessThe Vet Marketing Firm SEO Process

VMF also carries out directory and local citation submissions manually to ensure that search engines know where you are, who you are, and why customers should find you online. VMF uses an SEO process that has been proven to work in the veterinary industry. VMF also provides the client with a dashboard that monitors their links and search engine visibility.

The Vet Marketing Firm does extensive research of the keyword sets for a client’s practice(s) as well as their competition. VMF uses paid tools that are best in class in SEO across industries. We use this data to accomplish on-site implementation of SEO by changing the structure of the website so it is search engine friendly. VMF then builds citation links to the website from the most important citation sources such as Google +, Yahoo Local, Yelp, CitySearch, etc. etc. (there are dozens and dozens). VMF also builds links from web properties with high PageRank that helps rank the practice in the organic results.

Unlike many of their competitors, VMF actually works with the practice to create news-worthy campaigns that are used to create press releases to attain links from local news organizations. Finally, everything is measured and transparently reported to the practice owner and further refined so that the SEO process continues to build “Search Equity” for your practice.

If you would like a free SEO analysis of your practice website and associated properties, don’t hesitate to drop VMF a line.

Kyle Klement is an expert in veterinary search engine optimization. Kyle is actively involved in all client website optimizations and external link building at The Vet Marketing Firm.