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Social Media (Facebook) Contests for Veterinary Practices – Photo Contests

For Veterinary Practices, social media contests can be a fantastic way to increase your social media fans and reach. However, running and managing a contest can be confusing.  There are several rules and regulations that a practice must abide by, according to the FTC.

In this lecture, I discusses the principles of social media contests and provides actionable strategy recommendations, along with outsourced management options, for veterinary practice managers to increase their social reach while providing an engaging contest for their valued clients.

I also discusses the differences between contests, sweepstakes, and other types of more advanced social media campaigns. I also tell you where I have been burned by contest cheaters and professional “sweepstakers.”  Learn from my mistakes.

If you are interested in VMF having us manage a Facebook contest for your veterinary practice, just drop us a line.

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Jed Schaible, VMD, MBA, CVPM

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