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Veterinary Brand Management | Online Review Management

The Vet Marketing Firm is a leading expert on veterinary online brand reputation management (OBR). The VMF team has developed proven software solutions for increasing both the quality and quantity of online reviews for veterinary practices which impacts new client growth. OBR can be an asset or a liability. You need to proactively decide which it’s going to be.

Veterinary Online Brand Reputation ManagementVMF Online Brand Reputation Campaigns

The first thing VMF does is target the low-hanging fruit. VMF interfaces with your Practice Management Software to export practice data to manipulate with their proprietary algorithm to determine which clients should be encouraged to leave reviews at which online brand reputation review website. VMF automates the processes so that the practice can be rest assured that their OBR is taken care of and continually optimized which impacts local SEO very favorably.

Veterinary Practice SurveysOBR Survey Software with Semantic Text Recognition

VMF leverages survey software for larger practices to funnel happy clients to leave positive reviews on Google+, Yelp, Facebook, Yellowpages and more. They do this with the use of Semantic Text Recognition. This means that as the survey is being taken, positive and negative words are flagged and that client gets a custom survey that will either end as just a survey if they are unhappy, but lead them to leave a review where you need them to if they are satisfied.

Proprietary Client Motivation Product

VMF has a proprietary in-practice system that hooks into VMF’s software that motivates clients to leave reviews. With this system, you can ensure a prompt increase in reviews on Google+, where the reviews matter the most and improve SEO. This system has been signed off on by Google. VMF is a Google-Certified Agency.

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